We started couples counselling with Sam a few weeks before the covid-19 lockdown, looking to address some significant challenges we were facing in our marriage around infidelity, communication problems and understanding each other.

Having started out face to face, we agreed to switch to online sessions after lockdown began, which was a challenge for all of us, but Sam helped make this work very well.

We had weekly sessions over a four month period, and in that time learnt so much about each other and ourselves and how to appreciate each other, listen to what each other wants, understand our differences and learn to smoothly work through everyday issues. Throughout the process Sam expertly counselled us, validating our feelings, helping us share what we'd been struggling to communicate before, encouraging kindness in us, and always making us feel comfortable in talking through difficult topics.

The series of sessions has made a huge difference to our marriage, brought us closer and made us more confident. We strongly recommend Sam for her wise, kind and utterly professional approach, and we hope many others can gain as much from this process as we have.

July 2020

I was under a lot of pressure when we went into lockdown and I was struggling to cope. Sam supported me with weekly telephone counselling sessions. I don't think I would have got through without her and I learned really valuable coping strategies which will help me in the future.

June 2020


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